Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hi everyone

I hope you are all well !!! I have been trying all day to upload my video tutorial on Blogger and it is just not happening.  So I have uploaded it onto YouTube which took no time at all and here is a link

I hope you can understand my Scottish accent.  I tried not to laugh or anything.  We filmed it about 3 times ... it was hilarious I could not stop stuttering and stammering because I was so nervous.  In the end I did a small script which Lucy held up for me and then I started ad-libbing and that annoyed Tommy who was on camera LOL !!! It was a Campbell Family Production.

I now have another 4 custom orders for candles and another two cards.  I am very happy about that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look and I hope you find the tutorial of help.  I must apologise I am not very good at explaining things  ... never have been.



Allies Creative Designs said...

You are in your zone. I love it so much. Thanks for sharing. Also, like your blog. Your cards are so beautiful with the candles. You have got me so inspired to start with the candles. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a couple questions, what is the name of the paper that you use for the stamp coloring and where do you purchase? Also the brown paper. Is it tissue paper?
I'm so very proud of you for doing the tutorial for us. It will get
easier the more that you do it. I'm cleaning my scraproom today and going to get started as soon as I figure out the paper that your using and of course go and get some candles. I want to make a candle for a friend of my granddaughter you just found out she is a diabetic and using insulin.(only 12 yrs old) She will not be able to have candy so what A great idea with the candle.
Wishing you a fantastic Sunday. Hugs to you.
Email me when you can!!

Crafty Chris said...

WOWEEEEEE Fantastic and you made it look so easy I was laughing along with you thought a couple of times you werent going to get the words out, but it made it more enjoyable, I bought the candles ages ago but still havent got round to doing it, good luck with your orders and thanks for the Tut,
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, I'm off to check it out! Thanks Junie! xx

chrissy xx said...

Oh! Junie Fabulous tutorial. I enjoyed every minute of it. Lovely to hear your voice. You sounded as though you wanted to laugh a couple of times lol. but, that made it more enjoyable. Just fancy you on U-tube with your own production crew ~ How lovely is that? Well done to you all.

Ann said...

Well done junie have left a comment ;-)
Ooooooh thank you for the package I will look out for the postie. many thanks. just about to email you about something.xx

Frea said...

Hi Junie, just watched your tutorial, woohoo, you did great!! And I do LOVE that Scottish accent sweetie!! I can imagine how much you like making these, the result is sooo pretty, and it doesn't look difficult at all! I will have to give it a go now, you've inspired me. Thanks a bunch! Hugs, Frea

LINDA said...

WOO HOO!! I just went a had a look at your tutorial..I absolutely loved hearing you talk..Ive never done a candle think I must give it a try..GREAT JOB MY FRIEND!!!
Hugs, Linda

NoraAnne said...

Oh, Junie, I am at work so I can't view the video, I will make sure to look at it as soon as I get home! I can't wait :)
Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my card today :) Now that I have my room somewhat organized I am better able to make use of all of the ZILLION supplies I have accumulated :)
and I definitely LOVE Unity stamps :) They are always so fun!

Pinkllilac said...

Whooohooo love the accent now I can but a voice to the face. Great tutorial and picked up some tips as well Junie, thanks.

Big Hugs Linda

Milla said...

Yay Junie, great video and great tutorial! I only managed to watch it today (my 9-month-old is keeping me busy ;) ) and I loved it! And I LOVE your accent, understood every word you said, no probs :) Just one question about the candles.. Does it matter what you colour the stamped images with? Pencils, Distress Inks, markers?