Wednesday, 10 March 2010



I am delighted to report that our visitor has ARRIVED !!! yipeeeeeee

TZIPI the world travelling FLUTTERBUTT arrived safely in Scotland at lunch-time today !!! Exhausted but HAPPY !!!

Right away I introduced her to her very own living quarters where she can chill and relax !!! She has now taken up residence in my daughter's dolls house so basically when we are at work during the day she can do as she pleases when not sightseeing !!!

Here as you can see she is standing at the front of the house waiting for the door to be opened for her !!

She was delighted to see that she had her own cooking facilities .... just in case she doesn't like my cooking !!!! 8^)

A quick refreshing coffee and then I showed her the sitting room !!! Where she even had her own tv !!! Tzipi was very pleased with this !!!

A quick shower and freshen up after her travel !!

After her quick shower Tzipi was exhausted so I tucked her up in bed !!!
She has to be well rested for tomorrow she will meet some Scottish
Friends !!!

NITE NITE Tzipi !!!!
Thank you for taking the time to meet Tzipi !!!


Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...


Mamisha says she is worried Tzipi will not want to leave your home. And I absolutely agree. She is truly blessed to be staying with your family!

Ann said...

Tzipi welcome to Scotland, will you be down Ayr way? lol

I hope you have a good stay.
Ann :-)

Ann said...

ps I forgot to say .....your accommodations look wonderful I am sure you will be very comfortable there.

Pinkllilac said...

Hi Tzipi Your accomadation is fantastic and I am sure you will enjoy staying with Junie and her family, as I can see she is going to be a fabulous host, enjoy your trip.

Hugs Linda

Snowbell said...

I'm glad she arrived safely to your house. I'm sorry she ate all the chocolate, she must have been bored :)

Gez said...

Hi Junie I can see Tzipi not wanting to leave too!! Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.xx

Jóna said...

I think she has moved in with you and has stop traveling for a while :o)
I would if I got so cozy house to live in and such a warm welcome :o)
This is so sweet :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! She's really got it made with a little house and everything :) Excited to see where she'll go this week!

niftyknits said...

oh my - doesn't Tzipi live life to the full?