Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hi Everyone !!!

I apologise for not being around for a week now. The reason is I have been sick. Like so many people across the globe at the moment I have been struck down with this flu virus .. sure knocks the stuffing out of you. To all my friends that I have met through blogging or on PCP forums I apologise for not commenting on your wonderful creations this last week but I have spent more time lying flat on my back and feeling sorry for myself than looking around the blogs. I am sorry. I truly hope that everyone that has this horrible virus does not need to suffer it much longer and we can all be healthy again.

Unfortunately I have now been left with Labrynthitis which I have not had now for quite a few years. It is a horrible thing to suffer from and my heart goes out to people that do suffer from it. It is an infection of the inner ear and usually attaches itself to a virus AHHHH !! Its affects your balance and can make you feel very sick !!! So now instead of being in my bed with a red nose and coughing ... I am now dizzy and want to throw up .. such are the joys.

Anyways I had made this card a while back and I wanted to dedicate it all my friends out there in blog-land who are feeling under the weather and hoping that you all feel better soon.



Junie xxx


Gez said...

Hi Junie sending you great BIG ((hugs)) honey...xx Hope you soon feel a lot better.

My daughter (15) came home at lunchtime with a temperature of 104.1 looking very poorly. I have had to take the decision this afternoon whether or not to let her have Tamiflu tablets & I'm worried sick for her & also my 2yr old in case he starts.

Your in my thoughts & prayers Junie. Take care. Gez.xx

My name is Wynneth said...

Sorry to hear you are so poorly Junie - hope you get better soon :0)

Thanks for sharing this card, it is lovely :0)


Pinkllilac said...

Awe Junie I do hope you feel better very soon and keep well wrapped up.
Beautiful card and love the colours.
Hugs Linda

Victoria said...

She is gorgeous- sweetie pie! Super cute papers and love the layout- beautiful coloring and I adore the blue flower!!
I hate when I read that you're not feeling well. :( I hope it is getting easier for you day by day.
Big hugs

Danni said...

Feel better!!
Very nice card!

Paula said...

Hi Junie i do hope your feeling better really soon i had the swine flu a couple of months ago now and its not very nice. Big Hugs coming your way.
Paula xxxx

Jóna said...

Junie love, I so do hope your are been better now. Hear from you soon.
I am going to summerhouse with my friends (crafting) for the weekend. Please be healthy when I come back, please (I am asking nicely ;o))
Love and hugs, Jóna

Jóna said...

Forgot to mention your card, it's beauty !

LINDA said...

Junie, So sorry to hear you have been ill. I do hope you get feeling better soon..Your card is just lovely.. Love the darling little image..Take care..
Hugs, Linda

Sharona R. said...

Yuck yuck yuck, poor Junjie! What a world, what a world!

Feel better soon! We need you, the pink one and I!!

Net said...

Oh how awful!

I hope you soon start to feel better.

Tami Wood said...

hope you are feeling better. just read your comment on my blog. I love your card and thanks for signing up. I'll be back soon.

Barbara said...

Juniejo feel better soon, and yor card is so pretty.i miss you over at victoria Case.Sending you a great big hug

Chrisd said...

As a veteran of several bouts with Labyrinthitis... just thinking of it again makes me feel bad... Get lots of rest and take care of yourself... we will be waiting for you to feel better! Hugs from Michigan 8-)