Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hi Everyone !!!!

Again we are half way through another week. I have now asked Lucy to make a list for Christmas ... we have 3 items on the list .. so it is a start. I haven't had the question yet Mum is Santa for real??? But I know at the grand old age of 10 I doubt this year Santa will be real. We shall see.
As promised I would like to share more photos with you of our trip to the Royal Yacht Britannia, which incidentally for those who do not know (me being one of them) that during the Falklands war Britannia was actually used as a floating hospital.
Anyway the first photo is of Lucy sitting on the grand-staircase between the state dinning room and the drawing room, photos shown in my last post.

I mentioned that during the Falklands War that Britannia was used as a hospital. Well here is the sick bay where operations took place. Behind where I was standing when I took the photo were some beds.
This photo is where some of the officers would dine.

Believe it or not there is the HONEYMOON SUITE !!! This is where most of the Royals that used Britannia for their honeymoon slept. It is the only double bed on board Britannia and also where Prince Charles and Princess Diana slept. The actual room is behind thick glass panels. What struck me was it was really quite plain and not as luxurious as you may have imagined.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Okay I am off to do some colouring in. HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY !!!!


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Gez said...

Fantastic photos Junie. It's been fabulous having a look around the ship & so much info as well. Thanks for sharing.xx

Enjoy your colouring.