Sunday, 17 July 2011


Hi Everyone !!!

(if you click on photos you will see the pictures better)

I would love to share with you photos of Glenfinnan Viaduct otherwise known as the Harry Potter Bridge !!!!

We did not think we would get a few days away this year and at the very last minute managed to get an amazing deal on a beautiful lodge up in The Great Glen about 7 miles from Loch Ness for a 3 day break.  It was such a magical few days and will share some nape with you over the coming days. 

Just had to share these ones first !!!! We managed to stand right under the Harry Potter bridge.  WOW it even had echos and not a person in sight !!!! What a beautiful setting and we also managed to catch a glimpse of the train although not on the bridge.
On the photo above we did not realise at this point
you could actually stand right under the bridge

I am looking into the sky ... must be looking for the flying car LOL !!

 Taken from just under the bridge !!!
Such a pity even vandals have reached this beautiful place
and written their names on the bridge

Such a peaceful spot !!!! We even saw a wild deer on the hill

Tommy and Lucy having a laugh !!
Lucy on the bridge just under the viaduct

Thanks for visiting !!! I have been trying to catch up with your blogs !!! Hoping everyone is well !!!!

BIG BIG HUGS and I hope you enjoy the photos !!!

Junie xx


Frea said...

Hello my sweet friend, I really enjoyed your pictures, being the huge Harry Potter fan that I am, I would love to stand at that spot. It's so lovely that you were able to get away, glad you enjoyed it, you deserve it sweetie!! Big hug, your Dutch friend Frea

chrissy xx said...

That's were you have been Junie! Having a good time by the looks of the photo's.....very nice too!
Waiting for the schools to break up then will be off to see the new HP film.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos.. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs, Linda

Vicky said...

Hiya Junie...and what fabulous piccies hun...! Glad you had a great few day's away and have you seen the film yet??? my daughter went on Friday...and she just loved it :o)

take care sweetie...big hugs Vicky xx

Milla said...

Hi sweetie! :) I have a confession to make, please don't be shocked... I have not read a single Harry Potter book nor seen a single Potter film in my life! Shocking, I know!! (Shows you what an out of the times nerdie I am.. LOL! ;D ). Loving the photos, the scenery is just beautiful. So glad you were able to spend a few days away and in such gorgeous environment, Junie!

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hey June, Fabulous, I'm so glad you had a great time, I would love to go there, lucky you. I've read every HP book and need to see the new film:0) Glad you enjoyed your mini break what a brilliant idea, have to tell Mr Mustav, we too need a break:0) Thank you for all your lovely comments, hope you get nice and inky soon, hugs Gay xxx

Time-To-Share said...

Fantastic pics Junie. It's lovely countryside isn't it. We took my dad on the train journey from Fort William to Mallaig on the steam train for his 70th birthday but infact you've got a much better view than you get on the train. Sounds as if you had a great time. Luv & Hugs Trish x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos Junie!!! Went to see the film last night and it was fantastic! I feel so sad because that's it - no more books, no more films, but there is a Harry Potter theme park place opening soon isn't there? xx

Lee said...

WOW.Fab pics,i didn't know that was the Harry Potter bridge it's brilliant what a pity about the vandals.i am a Huge Harry Potter fan.x

Sylvia Zet said...

Love your photos and the bridge, have been there some time ago as well:) The last photo is woderfull! TFS!:)