Sunday, 7 December 2008



A Penny Black Kitty Card to share with you today along with our daughter and Santa !!! Hubby and I did tell Santa that Lucy had been very good this year and did deserve the pressies she had asked for along with a few surprises. WOO HOOO I love Christmas.

Back to work tomorrow, boo hooo. Why does the weekend go so quickly?? We had a lovely long lie this morning after being home late last night. Met up with some friends last night for a girlie night with our daughters. We had Chinese for dinner and then sat down with some popcorn and other munchines and watched the Mamma Mia Movie. We had a right good singalong !!!! What a fantastic feel good movie ...

We did have a lovely day today I have to say. Today we visited Santa at his grotto at a garden centre about 40 minutes from where we live. I had heard that it is done up lovely at Christmas and we were not disappointed. It was beautiful and to make the trip even better there is a craft store there called Craft Central. I picked up some more cardstock, shhh I am expecting some new stamps in the mail shortly !!!!!

Enjoy what is left of your weekend !!!

Hugs !!


Sharona R. said...

Ahh! Lucy looks so sweet, and Santa looks very business like. I bet she will get everything she asked for this year!

Victoria said...

Aw- look at my cutie-pie future DIL Lucy!! :) LOVE the photo! And I love the card-especially the poofy snowballs! You are amazing with your ideas!