Saturday, 6 December 2008


Hi Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finally managed time to sit down and type someting in my blog !!!! I have been so conscious this week of not actually making time between my working life and family life to sit down and type. IT HAS BEEN SUCH AN EXCITING WEEK in so many different ways ... and I am now looking forward to the coming weeks and 2009 with such enthusiasm creatively, which can only be a good thing ..

Before I share the most exciting news with you ever .... I thought I would share the little note cards I have made. Although only 3 are shown there are actually 6 in the set.

OKAY MY MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER !!!!! I have been asked to be part of a Design Team MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMG I could hardly believe it. I was asked by the VERY TALENTED .... drum roll ..... VICTORIA CASE of Victoria Case Art Design who has just brought out her own range of rubber stamps ... OH PLEASE GO FOR A VISIT TO HER WEBSITE, you will not be disappointed. Also on the Design Team is Wendy Hoff from what a talented card maker she is. I just love her work.


Victoria said...

I LOVE the CARDS, Juniejo!! They're a perfect sentiment to give right back to you-
"Thank YOU for YOUR kindness"!

Look at your awesome TALENT for card designs - I am SO honored that you have agreed to be a part of the Design Team- THANK YOU!

:) HUGS! Happy Creating!

Sharona R. said...

Yay Junie! I want to see the website, but the link is wrong I think. Can you please fix it?

*cha cha cha hop hop hop*

juniejo said...

Sharona !!! I am so sorry about that, it is sorted now cha cha cha !! HOP !!