Monday, 9 May 2011


Yo Peeps !!!!!

How are we all today !!!! I am hoping everyone is well !!! Has been a bit rainy on and off here, windy and sunny too, all in the space of 5 minutes.  That's Scottish weather for you. 

I am so loving making tags right now !!! Not sure I manage to pull it off or not when I see some people's work ... never mind keep practising.

The tag is a distressed with inks, the paper is from Crafty Individuals as is the image.  I have mounted the image onto some Stampbord.  "DREAM THE DAY AWAY" is computer generated by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh and the photograph was taken on top of the toilet seat.  It is so bright in that room especially when the sun is out !!!! its ok the lid was down .....

OK off to the gym !!!! I pretend I am fit LOL !!!

Junie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


mustavcoffee said...

Hiya, me again, LOL I knew I'd left a message, so I'm not losing it after all LOL
Well your tag's gorgeous, never mind being on the loo seat it's still lovely, great images and colour choice you really are experimenting and it's great to be along for the ride, big hugs to you Junie:0) xxx

Crafty Chris said...

Another lovely tag been nice here just a bit windy, if I went to the gym it would kill me hehe.
Chris x

Pops x said...

Hi sweetie, this is a fabulous creation, gorgeous colours too, biggest of hugs love pops x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Junie! You most certainly did pull it off; this is another fab tag!! I love the sentiment and you've used the perfect font for it! Great idea for the loo seat, lol!!! Come to think of it, it's the brightest room in my house too - we could start a new trend, lol! xxx

Milla said...

I really like your tags so h*ll yeah you manage to pull it off! (Tried to *bleep* my language for your convenience ;) hee hee). And congrats to finding quite an interesting place to take the piccie... :D
Oh and hats off to you for going to the gym! I've been to a gym for about five times in my life and heavily hated every single time! LOL! So I'm really in awe of anyone who goes to one :)

chrissy xx said...

Another FAbulous tag! Yes!! You managed to pull in off! (again)
Going for a coffee now the word gym makes me want to sit down lol.

Milla said...

Hi Junie! I had to go and check what paper I use after you asked - can't expect me to remember stuff like that... ;D LOL!! ;D It's Canson Illustration, can be used with markers and with colouring with water. There might be better papers around but I like this one as I don't have to change paper depenging on what I colour with (that'd be too much trouble for my little head! ;D ).

Barbara said...

Junie oh what a great tag so funny to see were doing the same thing tags.LOL!! I hope all is well with you and family.and thank you for stopping by is always great to hear from you.

Gez said...


FAB sentiment ;)