Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hi Everyone

Well as you all know I have been going through a phase just now (no not that kind of phase LOL) !!! of moving away from cuteness and discovering my other alternative side as I call it.

I would like to show you my FIRST EVER attempt at a collage on canvas.  I am so pleased with the result, I cannot tell you !!!

To let you understand it is for a very special little boy called Daniel who is the son of a very very dear friend of mine. Life is not easy for her and her husband. Daniel has lots of health issues, one of the main issues is he suffers from aspergers syndrome which is on the autistic spectrum.  So basically life is a daily battle for them all. 

Anyhoo Daniel has a birthday coming up and he loves nothing better than strumming away on one of his dad's guitars and I know he is getting a guitar for his birthday which is next week.  Now he loves ACDC, Metallica, guitars and Super Mario .. those are his obssessions at the moment.  So here if my first cavas collage !!! 


Showed it to my friend today as she is going to get a frame for it.  It is actually bigger than it looks in the photo.  She loved it !!!!

I want to thank you for taking the time to look and any comments left ... well I just love reading them. 

Junie xx


Frea said...

Hi Junie, wow girl, he's definitely gonna love this!! YOU ROCK HUN!!!!
Huggies, Frea

Anonymous said...

Junie, this is AMAZING!!! I wouldn't have a clue where to start with something like this - you clever girl!!! Daniel is going to love this so much. I have had two pupils diagnosed with Aspergers this week. I do hope Daniel and his family get the support they are entitled to. xxxx

Spyder said...

Brilliant! It 'RoCks!'


NoraAnne said...

Wow, this is so cool! I'm sure Daniel is going to love it and I hope he has a very Happy Birthday! What a special gift :)
And I am loving your alternative side ;)

Crafty Chris said...

Fantastic June my daughter has done these but I wouldnt know where to start, he will certainly love it.
Chris x

Pops x said...

Hi sweetie, this is absolutley gorgeous, perfect in every way, big hugs love Pops x x x

LINDA said...

This is so awesome.. Im sure he is going to love it!!
Hugs, Linda

chrissy xx said...

Sooo different from anything I have every done or even attempted Junie. Yes! It rocks!

Milla said...

How did I miss this...?? This is amazing, Junie, just mindblowing!! I'd be too scared just to try something like this... Awesome!!!

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Junie, Great fun here, love your canvas, it's so full of wonderful things to see, brilliant work :0) xxx

Gez said...

WOWEE! Junie AMAZING artwork.

Daniel will love it forever. What a thoughtfull present. STUNNING.XXXX