Sunday, 17 April 2011


Hi Everyone

AGAIN a million apologies for not being around again lately !!! Just after I had my last bout of the flu virus and thought I was getting on my feet again .... 2 days after that I came down with another load of it grrrrrrrrrrrrrr .... and AHHHHH !!!! I still have the cold .... it just won't go away that is a month now all except for 2 days.  Lucy has now had it for just over a week, poor thing and has been left with a yucky cough !!!!

Last weekend when the weather was beautiful here in Scotland all I did was stay in bed coz I felt so bad !!!! a week later I feel much better but you can still hear the cold in my voice.  Oh and last weekend I also lost my voice which made some people in the house happy LOL !!!!

Lucy is coming to the end of her school spring break and after two weeks returns to school on Tuesday YIPEE only to be off again the following two Fridays and Mondays.  I don't remember getting that many holidays when I was at school.

Anyhoo enough of my ramblings.  We had heard of a wind farm locally that we didn't even know existed (how sad is that ... its free and right on our door step) and decided yesterday to take a little afternoon trip there.  WE HAD SUCH FUN !! and you can walk to all 140 of them or take the little bus LOL !!! we just walked for about an hour and that was enough.

 If you look closely at the photo below .. at the bottom of the windmill those little dots to the right are people !!!

 We will definitely go back again !!!! It was an amazing sight !!!
 I am not actually sure who the little girl is in pink LOL !!!
Lucy with the wind in her hair !!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit !!! I truly appreciate any comments left !!!

Junie xx


mustavcoffee said...

Hello there Junie, well poor 'ol you what a shame you felt so bad and for so long, I hope that your daughter doesn't get it as bad as you. Feel better soon!
Interesting place looks like a very long walk, though very good for you! Big Hugs, :0) xxx

Crafty Chris said...

Sorry to hear you havent been feeling the best, but hopefully it will clear up soon, bet it was windy there, I seen these close up in France MG they are enormous, you wonder how they where ever constucted, missing you on here get crafting.hehe
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Hi Junie, I wondered where you were! Oh yes, I know exactly how you've been; the worst 'bug' I've had for years too. This was a happy house when I lost my voice too, lol! Glad you're feeling better now and looks like a fab day out you had! Brilliant pics! xxxx

Frea said...

Hi there my friend, I'm so sorry you've been feeling poorly!! Glad you're doing a little better now!! I've been sniffling away myself the last 3 weeks, but nog with a cold but allergies!! All the trees are blooming (or should I say all those blooming trees! LOL). Anyway, thanks for stopping by my little bloggie, I'm always so happy to see you!! I'm gradually trying to find myself some time to craft and just made a card which I'm actually pleased with!! So keep and eye out for it, probably gonna post it tonight! HUgs, and XOXOXO Frea

chrissy xx said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Did wonder where you were. Glad you are on the mend lol. Missed you.

Vicky said...

Oh sorry you have been so poorly...and now your daughter!..this bug is absolutely awful hun...but I'm glad you are back in blogland..we have missed you!

Wow..what an amazing place..glad you had such a great time..

take care Junie..and sending big hugs...Vicky xx

Milla said...

Hi Junie, I was already beginning to wonder where you were, so sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly, sending you and Lucy lots of happy thoughts and positive energy in the hopes of both of you feeling better soon, my friend!!
Trip to the windpark sounds like fun. They're planning to build those windmills around here, too, not sure how I should feel about that. Am just hoping they don't make awful noise....

PepPop said...

Big Hugs Junie. Sorry to hear you've been feeling rubbish. There's nothing worse than feeling rotten on a beautiful day (especially as we don't get that many of them here). Hopefully you're feeling not to bad now. Is that the same windfarm that runs past East Kilbride? I can see them from my window but I've never thought of visiting them... might have a look. Jaqui x

Pinkllilac said...

Hope your feeling better Junie nothing worse than having the flu bug.
Great pics.
Hugs Linda

Gez said...

Magnificent photos Junie. Thanks for sharing. Hope Lucy is well & truly on the mend.xx