Sunday, 28 November 2010


Happy Snowy Sunday to you !!!

I don't have a card but I thought I would share some photos of the snow that we took this afternoon.  Lucy (my daughter) was on a sleepover last night we had to drive through the snow to collect her at lunch-time today and this is how we spent part of the afternoon in between snow showers.

This Tommy (hubby) and Lucy sharing a hug in the snow !!!

 Lucy and I having a break from building Mr Snowman !!
 Taken before we ventured out into the garden
 The poor birds cannot even get to my bird feeder !!
 Before Mr Snowman was built - another shower of snow !!
Hubby has to go to work tomorrow but I have 2 days holiday and the schools are on holiday for 2 days also YIPEE hope to go to the park tomorrow sledging (I'm just a 45 year kid at heart) LOL !!!

HUGS TO EVERYONE !!!! stay warm and safe
Junie xxx


Frea said...

Hi Junie, that looks like so much fun!! No snow here so far, but they have predicted snow!! I hope it doesn't come because my hubby has to drive a long long way tomorrow!! Anyway, enjoy your 2 days off and have lots and lots of hot chocolate (with a dash of rum and whipped cream, yummie LOL). Hugs and XXX Frea
p.s. I'm working on a lovely card with one of your images, I'll post it tomorrow, it's turning out gorgeous!

Crafty Chris said...

Its the same here but just not as deep, looks like fun was had this afternoon, my computer crashed last night so lucky enough I have the daughters, have good fun tomorrow.
Chris x

Vixx handmade cards said...

Hiya hun!
Wow what a white out!, fabulous photos and you looked like you had snow much fun lol! We down south don't get alot of snow, we complain here with a inch of snow lol!
Have a great day playing tomorrow, big hugs Vicky xx

Sharona R - שרונה ראובני said...

Oh my, it looks freezing and so much fun!!! I have never seen snow like that, not to mention it is just starting to get cooler over here (Pinky just wore the poncho Mamisha knitted for him earlier tonight).

My brother is in the UK, I hope he will not freeze his ears off!

Gez said...

Fabulous, fabulous photos Junie. Looks like you all had great fun today. Thanks for sharing. :)
Hope you have a FAB time tomorrow. Keep warm. Hugs, Gez.xx

Gez said...

Hehe.. just had to tell you my 9yr has just said your pictures are so NOT fair!! He wants snow too!!
We have a tiny bit thats now all turned to ice & it's DEFINATELY school tomorrow! ;)
Take care hun.XXX

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Junie, great photo's but it looks sooo cold, brrrr, hot chocolate time methinks. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, did you pick up your award? you really should:0) xx

Pops x said...

Aww sweetie it looks like oyu had so much fun, i bet you was freezing though big warm hugs love Pops x x

PepPop said...

Can I borrow your sledge to get home from work please...? ;) Or better still can I come sledging with you? Jaqui x

NoraAnne said...

Oh, how FUN! ! ! ! I can't believe you have all that snow already! Love your boots! :)

chrissy xx said...

Must have missed these Junie.
It's no wonder you have no Mojo at the moment my friend with all this snow. You do seem to be having it rough up there. Everytime the news comes on there's more snow in Scotland!!! Will wish for better weather for you. We have some snow and it is very very cold but we are managing.
Take care

chrissy xx said...

Just to say Hope your okay? Not seen you around lol.