Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Hi Everyone !!

Can you seriously believe we are almost at August !!! Where has the summer gone?? Hubby, daughter and myself have just returned from a few days up in the Highlands at Loch Ness. As you can see from the photos the weather was bad but the scenery is STUNNING !! We had the most wonderful time and the weather did not spoil it for us.

We went for a sale on the Loch and the litle boat was equipted with a sonar and it showed just how deep it is in some parts of the Loch. It was truly fascinating. Our daughter got a chance to drive and steer the boat ... she was quite delighted with this experience and opportunity. The photo below was taken while sailing and bobbing about in the boat !!

The photo below was again taken from the boat. The castle is what remains of Urquhart Castle. We decided not to go into it as we had a great view from the boat.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Hoping everyone is enjoying their summer whatever you are doing !!


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